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  • From court to courtside

    Kirk Long has transitioned from player to commentator. (Photo courtesy of Paul Ryan Tan)

    Even before Kirk Long set foot in the UAAP, I had already witnessed his basketball skills years back. I remember catching a couple of his games back in high school after my team's volleyball games whenever we'd face off against Faith Academy. Kirk was hard to miss. He was the fastest on the court and he sank baskets with ease making him stand out from the rest of his teammates. Even then he already had girls swooning over him - my teammates and I included.

    During Ateneo's first game this season, my Twitter feed was full of tweets with people saying they missed seeing him on the court. But luckily for them, Kirk is still part of the UAAP. He may not be donning the Blue and White anymore but he traded in the basketball for the mic and now commentates as part of the broadcast team of ABS-CBN.

    Having graduated last March, Kirk has done so much in the last couple of months and it's no surprise that it all involves basketball. He's gone abroad to international schools as well as visited a

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  • Babble Girl Patricia Que blazes a trail

    Patricia Que is the only female member of the Blue Babble Battalion. (Photo courtesy of Juan Benjamin Janeo)

    Early in the school year, it's a normal sight to see a couple of people running around in silly attire, shouting their lungs out along Sec Walk as part of their initiation into Ateneo's Blue Babble Battalion. Some of them even have to walk up to total strangers and ask the most random questions. That's exactly what happened while I was having lunch with a couple friends in JSEC months ago.

    A girl wearing a huge illustration board with a bunch of scribbles (that were also on her face and arms) went up to one my friends, asked something then went on and did the same to another table. That was the first time I noticed Patricia Que.

    At the time, I thought she was trying out to be one of the cheer dancers but when UAAP season came about, pictures of Patricia in Battalion uniform — not cheer dance uniform - were all over my newsfeed in Facebook.

    Up until this year, I thought that the Battalion was exclusively for guys but apparently, it isn't. Patricia's the first female member of the BBB

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  • Meet Ateneo’s Team Glory Be (Part 2)

    (Read Part 1 here)

    The Philippines is a basketball country, and that's definitely why so many basketball players from abroad are drawn to come visit or live here. A lot of players from the US with Filipino heritage come here to play pro ball in the PBA but there are also some who get going earlier by starting out in college ball.

    Meet two of Ateneo's recruits from abroad, currently serving out their residency in Ateneo's Team Glory Be and who you might be seeing in the Hail Mary Squad next season.

    Name: Chris Newsome

    Course: 2nd Year, AB Communication

    6'2, shooting guard

    I talked to Chris during halftime of the controversial Ateneo-FEU Round 2 meeting, and unlike the game we were watching, he had this calming aura about him. It may be his smooth voice or his kind eyes, but Chris is the kind of guy you want to be around. Chris came out to the Philippines from New Mexico, USA to get to know his Filipino heritage. After finishing high school, he was being recruited by US universities, one

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  • Meet Ateneo’s Team Glory Be (Part 1)

    Ateneo's Hail Mary Squad (Team A) is the goal for the players on Team Glory Be (Team B). We've seen products from Team Glory Be move up and make their mark in the UAAP like Nonoy Baclao, Emman Monfort and Jumbo Escueta, as well as a bunch of players from this year's roster.

    Here's the first of a two-part article on getting to know the boys paying their dues to rise up the ranks and make it onto the Hail Mary Squad.

    Name: Joma Adornado

    Course: 4th year, BS Communication and Technology Management

    6'1, shooting guard

    The last name should be familiar to you if you're a PBA fan. Joma is PBA legend Bogs Adornado's son. With a Dad like that, you would think that Joma is pressured to fill his father's shoes but that isn't the case. "I see other Dads that would get mad at the kids who didn't play well, my Dad isn't like that. He doesn't force me to play but he teaches me what he can."

    Joma recalls back when he was five years old that him and his Dad would use potted plants as cones in their

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  • Larry and the 2002 championship season

    Everyone remembers Larry Fonacier's two blocks on Macmac Cardona in the 2002 UAAP Finals. (PBA Images)

    Who doesn't remember Larry Fonacier's double denial on Macmac Cardona back in 2002?

    I was 10 years old when I started watching the UAAP and that heart-stopping Ateneo — La Salle Finals Game 1 fueled my love for collegiate basketball. Ever since then I have religiously watched the UAAP and witnessed a bunch of Blue Eagles leave their mark and move on to the pros. It's been a decade since that 2002 championship and the legacy that year's team has made is still as strong as it was 10 years ago.

    Three members of that 2002 team went to Taipei this past week — Enrico Villanueva, LA Tenorio and Larry Fonacier - to represent the Philippines in the 34th Jones Cup as part of the national team, Smart Gilas, which brought home the championship after scoring a 76-75 win over the USA.

    Most Ateneans who are in the PBA were part of that 2002 team and I think the success of that season has helped mold Ateneo's basketball program today. A couple of days before Gilas left for Taipei, I sat down with

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  • Blue Eagles do their part in relief operations

    Justin Chua helping out with relief operations at the Ateneo covered courts. (Photo courtesy of Anna Natividad)

    It's the quality of bayanihan that Filipinos are proud of especially when it comes to times of crisis. Last week, Metro Manila was victim to the heavy rains and floods that people feared it was Ondoy 2.

    The week-long suspension of classes turned Ateneo into a relief center. Living in Paranaque, I had relied on social networks Facebook and Twitter to keep tabs on the situation in Loyola Heights and Marikina.  As I scrolled through my news feed, I saw pictures of my batchmates and friends drenched in the rain, managing and carrying donations. And one of the pictures that was shared the most was a picture of Justin Chua carrying in a case of water as well as a picture of JP Erram with a bag of donations, so I sat down with the two Blue Eagle centers and had them paint me a picture on what went down at the relief operations.

    Help had started Monday night and the Cervini dorm hallways were crowded with donations with the dormers already taking action. Justin and Poy are both dormers along

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  • The Father of Ateneo Basketball

    Father Dacanay is a regular fixture at Ateneo games (Photo courtesy of

    What do Theology and the UAAP have in common? Two words: Father Dacanay.

    If you're a regular at the games and you notice a Jesuit seated in patron checking a bunch of quiz papers, that is Father Dacanay.

    One of the legendary professors in the Ateneo, Father Dacanay is part of the Ateneo experience. Every year, students take on the challenge enrolling in his TH131 class. If you've been privileged enough to take his class, apart from the theology teachings, you would know the value of memorizing UAAP tidbits that'll help boost the quiz component of your grade. The occasional bonus question about the UAAP is equivalent to one perfect quiz and being one of his students last year, I was always desperate to get it right.

    As I waited outside  for my turn to sit down with Father Dacanay, I couldn't help but feel relieved that I was going to talk to him about basketball and not a thesis statement.

    Whose jersey are you wearing this season?

    Father Dacanay: This season I'm wearing Ryan (Buenafe).

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  • From Archer to Eagle

    Nico Elorde has adjusted well to his new team and school. (NPPA Images)

    "You've seen the light."

    That's one line I've heard far too many times. Saying I transferred to Ateneo from La Salle was my go-to line in freshman year when our professors would make us stand up, state our names and say something interesting about ourselves. After all, what's more interesting than jumping ship to the rival school?

    As I walked towards JSEC, I couldn't help but feel excited. I was about to talk to someone who's gone from Taft to Katipunan, someone who knew what Nomi is and shares the same frustration that the only subject credited from La Salle was NSTP. It was that same experience that melted away the usual nervousness I get when meeting someone new.

    I heard a lot about Nico Elorde over the summer of 2011 when the influx of guards on the Green Archer roster motivated him to head to Loyola Heights. Nico's transfer to Ateneo was the talk of the town because one, the fact that Ateneo and La Salle are rival schools and two, the adjustments in the coaching staff in La Salle

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