• Michael Bisping has said a lot of bad things about and to Tim Kennedy. As the former Army Ranger readies to face Bisping tonight in the main event of the TUF: Nations Finale, he isn't sweating the negativity too much, though.

    "No not at all. we are never going to be best friends, best buds, holding hands running through the fields together," Kennedy joked during a recent interview on the Fighting Words podcast with Ray Flores.

    "I really don’t care. He is a jerk at all times... I don’t respect the guy, I think he's dirty fighter so I don’t respect him as a person. I just don’t care what he says. There is nothing that he does and says that I care about."

    Readers of his Yahoo! Sports blog leading up to this bout will know that Kennedy doesn't think too highly of Bisping as a person and hasn't himself been shy about criticizing the Ultimate Fighter winner. Kennedy does, however, recognize that Bisping is a solid fighter and expects the Brit (who is returning after a long injury layoff) to

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  • All fighters on tonight's TUF: Nations Finale weighed in Tuesday. Not to spoil too much for you all but there are at least a few can't-miss moments from the weigh ins (video below).

    Ryan Jimmo vs. Sean O'Connell shared a tender moment, Dustin Poirier and Akira Corassani went the opposite direction and Michael Bisping lost his gosh darn mind for the second day in a row when faced with his main event opponent, Tim Kennedy. Now, as they say, all that is left are the fights.

    Oh, you're interested in what Bisping and Kennedy were saying to one another, were you, you curious lil' bugger? Well, go ahead then and check out the NSFW alternate video below that has both men mic'd up.

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  • Only someone as wonderfully strange and adept at grabbing attention as Vitor Belfort could make the TUF: Brazil set brawl between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen about himself. The former champ has nothing to do with the feud and fight between Silva and Sonnen but he still has strong, pious, feelings about the whole ordeal.

    “The cat fight between Silva and Sonnen embarrassed me,” Belfort wrote on his Facebook page in Portuguese, according to a report from MMA Junkie.

    “Firstly, MMA is not fighting people not prepared inside the Octagon,” he went on.

    “That’s what I do. Secondly, there is no more room for a sport like MMA to accept this behavior when [the sport] has clear rules for anti-sport attitudes both inside and outside the Octagon. Third and most importantly, MMA cannot, ever, influence behaviors where the discussion ends in aggression as if this was the appropriate model of behavior. Millions of young people suffer violence inside and outside the school, and the TV cannot be

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  • Tyrone Spong broke his leg last week in Istanbul in the finals of the Glory 15 light heavyweight tournament when Gokhan Saki checked a leg kick from Spong. Simlar to how former middleweight champion Anderson Silva got hurt last year when Chris Weidman checked a leg kick from "The Silva," Spong's leg snapped on contact and fell to the ground.

    Fortunately, Spong is home and has undergone successful surgery. "I want family, friends and fans to know I'm okay," Spong said in a report by Dave Doyle.

    "The trip home to Florida was a long one and I am thankful to be back in Florida. I had surgery in this morning and it went perfectly."

    Spong would appear to be in relatively good spirits and he said his doctors have given him a time table for when he can resume hard training and fighting.

    "My doctors said it turned out to be a clean break and they feel confident that I will recover 100 percent," he went on.

    "They said I can be training for a fight as early as six months if I rehab properly. I

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  • Tim Kennedy and Michael Bisping will finally square up in the main event of the TUF: Nations Finale UFC card on Wednesday. As you may have read on our pages here at Yahoo! Sports, Bisping and Kennedy have engaged in verbal warfare leading up to their bout.

    When the two middleweights faced-off Monday at the pre-event press conference, Bisping showed that all the trash talk had gotten to him and spouted a slew of profanities at Kennedy. Kennedy, who as a U.S. special forces war veteran, has had much more stressful moments than an un-armed loud mouth shouting at him, just smiled throughout.

    Watch video of Bisping losing his cool below. The language is absolutely not safe for work, unless you have a colorful workplace so, make use of those ear buds, bud.

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  • UFC featherweight Mike Brown recently pulled out of a scheduled April 19 bout with Estevan Payan because a nagging and serious neck issue had flared up again. While the former world champ is reluctant to use the "R" word, retirement, he says that he likely won't ever fight again.

    “I don’t think I’ll fight again,” Brown told MMAjunkie. “I haven’t retired, just in case, because I don’t want to be a guy who walks away and comes right back.”

    “I accepted it like seven weeks out, but my neck was kind of bothering me and it’s too much on my neck,” Brown detailed.

    “I was training and in good shape, but then I started losing some strength in my hand again. When I get banged in the head some of my grip strength goes away and it’s just a reoccurring injury.”

    In a game where you get hit in the head daily, not being able to take those hits anymore should pretty much be a game-ender. Brown's neck issue clearly has to do with disc and nerve issues, resulting in the temporary loss of full use of his

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  • Rory MacDonald is scheduled to face fellow UFC welterweight contender Tyron Woodley at UFC 174 this summer and, should he win, the Candian believes he will have earned a shot at champion Johny Hendricks “When I beat Woodley, hopefully [I get a title shot] in the fall or winter in Toronto or Montreal,” MacDonald told MMA Junkie in a recent interview.

    “Hendricks is a great fighter. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s definitely a good fighter, and I’m excited to see him in the future.”

    MacDonald was on the verge of getting a title shot before losing to Robbie Lawler last fall. Since then, MacDonald's teammate and mentor, Georges St. Pierre, left MMA and gave up his welterweight title, and MacDonald got back in the win column by beating Demian Maia.

    The young fighter from Vancouver believes that he's finally hitting his potential. “I definitely feel like I’m hitting my stride now this year,” he went on.

    “My focus is at an all-time high, and I couldn’t be happier. “I’m striving to be a

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    UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem has left the Blackzilians team of South Florida and appears to be headed to Jackson/Winkeljohn's MMA team in Albuquerque, NM. Blackzilians team leader and former UFC champion Rashad Evans himself trained for years at the Jackson/Winkeljohn MMA hot-spot and doesn't seem to torn up about the Dutch fighter leaving the Jaco Training Center.

    "It’s not a big deal at all to be honest," said Evans in a recent interview with John Joe O'Regan.

    "Alistair was one of those guys who was on the team but never really committed to being part of it. He would run his own camps, bring in his own guys, train by himself, so him going somewhere else won’t make much difference, it isn’t a huge loss.

    "The funny thing was, he would run his own camps and bring his own people in, then go out there and lose and blame everybody but himself. So now if he goes to Jackson’s and doesn’t learn to open up and step out of himself then he is going to get the same results...He just doesn’t

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  • Nick Diaz was at Saturday's Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley II fight in Las Vegas and afterwards spoke about his love for boxing and his own boxing aspirations. "I love to watch [Pacquiao]," Diaz began in his interview with Fight Hub.

    "I love the way he fights. I try and take what I can. This year has been good to me because I can go out and make a lot of these boxing shows. Usually I have to fight. People don't think I am a serious boxing fan but most of the time I had 3 to 6 fights a year in a career that lasted 13 years."

    The kinda, sorta retired UFC welteweight loves boxing so much that he says he hopes someone buys his contract out from the UFC so that he can box professionally.

    ‘If I could get somebody to buy my contract out from the UFC, I'd be fighting out here. Tell [Roy Jones Jr.'s] guys to buy my contract so we can fight," Diaz said (video below).

    Jones Jr., of course, is a former pound-for-bound boxing king, but is well past his prime and should have retired for the

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  • Rich Franklin may have just been called out on Twitter by MMA's favorite felon - Chael Sonnen - but that isn't who "Ace" was talking about in a recent interview. The former high school match teacher has already lost badly to Anderson Silva twice but a true champion never gives up.

    That's why, though he says he doesn't hold a grudge for the Brazilian who took the UFC middleweight title away from him in 2006, Franklin says he'd not only welcome a third crack at the injured "Spider" but is also confident he would beat him.

    “Would I fight Anderson a third time? Absolutely," Franklin said during a interview on Submission Radio (audio below. Franklin comes on at about the 1:25 hour mark.)

    "Is it because I feel like I have some unfinished business? Not at all. It’s just, in my mind as a champion and to have the mentality of a champion I 100% wholeheartedly believe that I can beat Anderson in a fight. Not just Anderson but just anybody like that’s the mentality you have to have. If somebody

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